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Principal's Message

Welcome to JRE

On behalf of the staff of Julia Randall Elementary School, I am happy to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year.

We are looking forward to a great school year as we partner with parents to ensure our students can reach their full potential, sharing the responsibility for each child’s success. Julia Randall Elementary (JRE) is a Capturing Kids Heart (CKH) school and has been a national showcase school for the last two years! Using CKH we have created an atmosphere of high-achievement through healthy, strong staff-student bonds. As parent partners, you can support your child’s academic success by:

1.  Creating a morning, bedtime, and homework routine.
2.  Setting high expectations for your child’s future. No matter what they want to be, 
               assure them they can be the best.
3.  Staying in touch with your child’s teacher.
4.  Read, read read!

Julia Randall Elementary School features a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of our learners. In addition to our third, fourth, and fifth grade students, JRE has two special education preschool classes, the Caris STEAM Lab, and the CKH room where students can take a break when the need arises. This year we have added a second/third grade looping program. Two classes of second grade students will join JRE and follow their teacher from second grade in the 2020-2021 school year into third grade in the 2021-2022 school year. Looping classrooms have several benefits including strong teacher-student-parent relationships, a reduction in time required to teach and learn routines and expectations, maximized instructional time, and strong classroom culture.

As the new principal at Julia Randall Elementary, I am honored and excited to join this wonderful school family. My goal is to work diligently with students, families, staff, and the community to build trusting relationships. With open lines of communication, mutual trust and respect, and high expectations for social/emotional and academic growth, there is no limit to what we can expect JRE students to accomplish. I look forward to meeting every family; please be sure to introduce yourself to me the next time you are at the school.

Kim Yates

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