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Welcome to the Julia Randall Elementary, home of the Longhorns!

Julia Randall Elementary School is named for Julia Randall, she began teaching in Payson in the 1920’s. Our current school was built in 2009, replacing a building in need of major repairs. We are fortunate to be in such a beautiful location in Payson. In 2018, our amazing community and a couple of highly motivated PTO members raised funds for a new playground and turf. This was a major upgrade for our students and they now enjoy recess outside!

JRE is composed of preschool (special education), 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Students will have PE and Music as exploratory classes. We teach reading, writing, math, social studies and science to all. Our students receive “breakfast in the classroom” which benefits all of our students. Breakfast is free for all students. We are proud to have created a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Lab in 2019. The lab is called the CARIS STEAM LAB, this was made possible by receiving a grant from the Caris Foundation.

A major accomplishment for our students, staff and community is being selected as a Capturing Kids Hearts National Showcase School in 2019! The CKH EXCEL process has helped us build a positive culture at JRE. The process helps us with our students social and emotional needs. EXCEL stands for who we are at Payson Unified. E stands for engage, X is to explore, C is communicate, E helps us empower and L is for launching into our next activity. We also have a designated room (CKH room) where students can take a break if they are upset or need a sensory break. The CKH room is also used if students struggle with their behavior.

School events that families can look forward to is our open house in July, curriculum night, student led conferences (new twist on parent teacher conferences), PE for parents, pumpkin walk, concerts, jog-a-thon, spring fling, field trips, and STEAM events.

Linda Scoville, Principal of Julia Randall Elementary

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