Mrs. Fuller's Guest Speaker Ms. Burdette

Mrs. Fuller's Guest Speaker Ms. Burdette
Posted on 02/06/2018
Ms. Burdette

As a culminating activity to our study on Native American cultures in Arizona, we invited a Tonto Apache Tribal Elder to share her culture with our class.  Ms. Vivian Burdette visited our class last semester along with her niece Jamie Echols.  It was a pleasure to have both ladies share their knowledge and passion for their culture.

Ms. Burdette gave a wonderful presentation on the history of the Tonto Apache tribe and brought with her items that are part of her heritage.  Seen here in the picture she is holding an Apache Burden Basket which is used to gather and carry items.  The jingles are to ward off predatory animals.  Also, she brought a small basket that is lined with pitch and used to carry water and an Apache cradleboard used to wrap and carry a baby.  

Lastly, Ms. Burdette shared the Congressional Medal of honor awarded to the family of late Paul Burdette a WWII Apache Code Talker.  

Mrs. TIna Fuller

4th Grade Class Mrs Fuller 4th Grade with Ms Burdette

Ms Burdette